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Connect London Business Club (CLBC)

Entrepreneurs with high growth business potential are invited to join the CLBC.  Membership is reserved for entrepreneurs with technical, life science and high growth potential businesses which we define as the potential to achieve sales of £1 Million per annum within 3 years and/or sales growth of 30% per annum.

Payment for membership is optional until 01/04/2011, thereafter there will be a fee of £100 plus VAT to cover the cost of the annual Triage Session to review the progress of the business.

The membership includes a number of benefits – mainly free of charge:

  • Triage Session – Regular meeting with resource broker manager introducing members to strategic partners, members of Connect London Champions, other club members, Sponsor Partners, Public Section support initiatives etc. (Free of Charge).
  • Volunteer Mentor/Entrepreneur in Residence – support of a volunteer mentor for agreed periods (Free of Charge subject to application)
  • Springboard – Programme to take members to a “ready for investment” stage.  See fuller details below (Free of Charge).
  • Seminars – Series of seminars delivered by professionals, strategic and specialist partners (Free of Charge)
  • Fund Raising – Package of support to obtain funding for a business plan (subject to a fee – see below).
  • Presentation of “ready to invest” business plan to a group of experts and successful entrepreneurs (Free of Charge)
  • Interim Manager – Manager to assist with day to day activities to take the business ahead (fee based)
  • Events, Networking and showcasing meetings (generally Free of Charge)
  • Ideas Bank – Deposit your ideas in the ideas “Bank” for others to take ahead, but retain a proportion of the equity or royalty for the person banking the ideas
  • Publicising your product through the Connect Website and Network (Free of Charge)