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Connect London Champions (CLC)

Connect London Champions is an innovative business angel network and is a member of British Business Angel Association (BBAA) Connect London is represented on the Board of Directors of BBAA by Christopher Fogg.

Connect London Champions are the key resource in Connect London which is a not for profit network that supports technology, life science and high growth potential entrepreneurs.  It operates through the “Springboard” Investment Readiness programme, training and mentoring programmes, investment showcasing events and networking between businesses, investors, public funded support initiatives, professional firms and the academic community.

Connect London Champions is a unique model of a Business Angel Network that focuses on the “soft” areas of support: mentoring, knowledge angel investment, interim management as well as obtaining cash based equity funding for selected companies.  Champions offer some time on a volunteer basis but do have the opportunity to apply for paid consultancy, public sector delivery programme and interim management where the opportunity arises.

Connect London Champions is a division of Connect London Ltd which provides an information service to exchange data between firms and potential investors.  It does not advise on the merits or risks of investment and is not authorised to arrange transactions or circulate offering documents under FSMA 2000, but rather is an expert body under Statutory Instrument 723 of 1988 as a non-profit making organisation.  Please advise if you require further information on the status of CLC.  Also see explanatory notes in Terms and Conditions.

Champions can elect for one or more levels of involvement in Connect which does not have to include the investment of cash for equity:

  1. Volunteer Mentoring/Entrepreneur in Residence
  2. Knowledge Angel – investing time and expertise, not cash, for equity
  3. Delivery of public sector funded initiative through mentoring/consultancy
  4. Interim Management
  5. Ideas Bank – take up ideas/inventions deposited by entrepreneurs not ready or willing to take their own business ideas ahead
  6. Support management of Connect London and Connect London Champions on a voluntary basis
  7. Act as Borough Representative for Connect London

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