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Application For Membership

Important Information

  1. Do not disclose any Proprietary or Technology information.
  2. Membership is reserved for Entrepreneurs with Technology, Life Science and High Growth Potential Businesses.  Potential to achieve sales of £1 Million per annum within 3 years and/or sales growth of 30% per annum.
  3. Payment for Membership of the Club is optional until 31/12/2015, thereafter there will be a fee of £100 plus VAT per annum to cover the cost of the annual Triage session to review the progress of the business.  However earlier payment would help us fund the services we offer members.  Please indicate on the form the date from which you are willing to start making annual payments.
  4. Connect London Ltd includes a registered Business Angel Network “Connect London Champions” and offers a service to help members obtain funding.  This is chargeable and subject to a separate agreement.
View the Printable Non-Disclose Agreement (NDA).

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Club Activities

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Membership Fee

Membership fees are optional until 31/12/2015, but earlier payment contributes
to the support we can offer.
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fee of £100 plus VAT on
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We would recommend that to safeguard all confidential discussions that take
place between Connect and yourselves, a Non-Disclousre Agreement be
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