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» Non-Disclosure

Printable Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA)

Subject to formal Contract

 1. On the understanding that both parties are interested in meeting to consider possible collaboration in developments arising it is hereby agreed that in consideration of the Parties disclosing to each other information whether information relating to intellectual property including patents or contained in documents and material supplied in the course and as a result of such meeting such information shall subject to provisions herein shall be treated as confidential.

2. This confidentiality applies to both technical and commercial information which either party may communicate to the other.

3. Excepted from this undertaking of confidentiality is any information in the public domain or which the receiving party can show was already in his possession prior to its disclosure.

4. Either party to this agreement shall, on written request from the other, return any documents or items connected with the disclosure and shall not retain any unauthorised copies of likeness.

5. After five years from the date hereof each party shall be relieved of all obligations under this Agreement.