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The Springboard Programme was started in Connect San Diego and has spread around the World with different structures, but the common objective is to help entrepreneurs become investment ready – then take them to the next step of actually funding the business.  Connect London has devised their own Springboard Programme to try to capture the best schemes in Global Connect.

Springboard Programme

  1. Join Connect London Business Club (CLBC)
  2. Connect Resource Manager – introduce members to other Connect members, partners, sponsors.  Review for entry in the Springboard programme.
  3. Mentor allocated (3 – 8 weeks) from Connect London Champions –to help entrepreneurs through the Springboard programme and prepare for post springboard follow up.
  4. Series of Seminars delivered by strategic partners and sponsors:
  5. IP
    PR and Communications
    Market and Product Development
    Human Resources – incentivizing your team
    Accountancy – Financials for the Business Plan
    Banks – Debt and Asset Finance
    Public Sector Support Initiatives (BLL)
    Funding Mix – What is the optimum mix and timetable?
    Business Plan
  6. Pitch and presentation training and support
  7. Presentation to Springboard panel.
  8. Feedback to/from Connect resource manager. Next Steps?

Possible next steps

  1.  Continued mentoring and/or interim management from Connect London Champions
  2. Funding Consultancy – separate contract
  3. Knowledge Angels/Equity Support from CLIS (Connect London Investment and Services)
  4. Referrals to other partners/initiatives/innovation centres

Method of application

Members of CLBC will be given more details of the Springboard programme and invited to join when approved by the resources brokerage manager in a triage meeting.