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Startup Loan

Application for Startup Loan

Please complete the following form and click on the APPLY button at the end. You can also attach your Business Plan and any other relevant documents to this submission, if available

After our review we will advise you whether your application has been preapproved. If so we will invite you, and any co-founders, to a meeting in which we will work with you to propose a cash flow forecast. (This can also be done remotely if a meeting is not possible).

At this meeting we will also ask you and your co-founders to submit key eligibility documents:

  • Copy of Passport or Birth Certificate
  • Copy of Visa (if applicable) or Residency and Work Permit
  • Copy of Bank Statement less than 3 months old

If you have a cash flow forecast prepared this can also be submitted with this application, together with the copy documents above. This will speed up your application!

In case of problems please email


Section A1 - Your Details

Applicant Name  

One line for each partner

Your Address

Business address if different

Please repeat your email address


Section A2 - Business Details



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Section B1 - Background

We are required to monitor the ethnicity, gender and disability status of the owners of the business supported by the project.

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Section B2 - Eligibility

Start up loans are available to people who are entitled to live and work in the UK and run their business from an address in England.

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Section C - Describe your business

If you are sending us a Business Plan please also summarize below.




Please provide appropriate comments under the section headings below.



Section D - Financial information

D. 1 - Personal Budget



D. 2 Gross profit




D. 3 Initial Start-up Costs - per month

D. 4 Initial Capital Cost

This is the end of the form. If available you can submit your business plan after you submit this form, please press the APPLY button below.