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James Gardner has extensive experience in Business Angel Funding, Business Incubation, Technology Transfer, Corporate spin-outs and Public Funded business support initiatives.

James is well known in the high growth start-up and business angel sectors through his work with early stage ventures, angel investor syndicates, universities, innovation centres and professional service firms.


He started his first business venture many years ago and has experienced the highs and lows of risking his own money in informal equity deals by investing in start-ups and mentoring high-growth businesses. He has also been involved in setting up corporate venturing deals, which he describes as “a long and tortuous process” !


James also set up two business incubators from scratch and believes the key ingredients of business start-up success still remain: vision, management ability, market, business model and money!

He is the author of:

  • Business Angels Digest (Croner ICAEW publications 2003)
  • Mitigating Risk in Start-Up Investing (Croner ICAEW publications 2003)
  • Raising Business Angel Finance ( ICAEW CFF Technical Guide 2004)

And has been an active board member of several well-known Business Angel Networks:

  • Advantage Business Angels Ltd
  • National Business Angels Network Ltd
  • Business Angel Network Association Ltd
  • University of Surrey Ventures Advisory Board & Seed Fund

James is also a member of The UK Research & Development Society (motto ‘from ideas to wealth’), whose role is to help make the UK the best environment for R&D in the World.


Christopher Fogg FCA, BSc, MBA  - Director of UKBI

Christopher Fogg has been involved in supporting entrepreneurs in starting and growing their businesses for over 30 years.  He is a Chartered Accountant, Physicist and took a “Late in Life” MBA in 2000.

He opened his first formal incubator in 1998 and has now started a total of 4 business incubators.  He has tried a number of models – for Profit; Hybrid- part For Profit, Part Not for Profit; and fully funded by the LDA – London Innovation Centre.

Recently Christopher has opened Connect London based on the Best Practice model identified by Lord Sainsbury - Connect San Diego.  Christopher regards Connect as an “Incubator without Walls” as it provides everything a Best Practice Incubator should supply- with the exception of physical space.  Christopher believes that Business Angels should be an important component of incubators for their “Knowledge” not only their cash.  Connect offers a number of consultancy services including consultancy to Business Angel Network and Incubators.

Christopher is a director of UKBI.  He has prepared a preliminary research document on the sustainability of Business Incubation.

Christopher is the Visiting Entrepreneur to the seven West Focus universities in London.



The team is being expanded from members of Connect London Champions.