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Venture Navigator

VentureNavigator is a method of understanding the viability of an idea at an early stage, before preparing a business plan.  The test is based on The New Business Road Test by John W. Mullins of the London Business School.  The questions are appropriate for an existing business, but even more useful for future planning.  The opportunity is divided into seven aspects and the test examines the business idea against each aspect.  It answers the key questions:

  1. Are the market and industry attractive?
  2. Does the opportunity offer competitive customer benefits as well as sustainability advantages over other solutions to the customer needs?
  3. Can the team deliver the results they seek and promise to others?

VentureNavigator has been endorsed by the Daily Telegraph, Library House and HSBC.

Connect London uses VentureNavigator to help themselves and the client assess the attractiveness of Connect Business Club Members.  This assessment is offered free of charge to potential and current members of CLBC. Contact Connect London for further details..