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Connect London is a content writing agency with a twist. With dozens of experienced writers in all niches we curate content pieces that pre-sell your brand. Attracting potential customers to your website.

Content Creation

Formatting & Styling

Link Building

Inbound Marketing

Inbound Marketing is the single most efficient way to generate customers and clients that need exactly what you are offering. Through smart content generation you pre-sell your audience on the specific solution that your business offers, in short, you’re marketing your business to individuals already looking for the exact solution you offer.

This is advertising of the future.

Our exact content writing & marketing process is below, feel free to get in touch if you have any questions regarding this process.

Our Process

Stage 1 - Content Topic Creations

The first stage is to develop the content topics that we will be developing. To do this we implement 3 content research techniques:

  1. Reverse engineering the most popular content in your niche.
  2. Using competitor analysis strategies to determine what content brings in the most customers for your competitors.
  3. Profitable keyword selection – What are your prospects searching for in Google.

Stage 2 - The Writers

Once our content topics are created we send them to our team of talented content writers. Each writer specilises in a specific niche and tone. Depending on the purpose of your content will depend on the style and tone we will develop for your content piece. The purpose of the content is essential. Building a content piece to pre-sell your prospects on your business if very different to a piece of copy for an inner service page of a website.

Stage 3 - Content Formatting & Styling​

Styling is an essential element to successful content marketing. Enhancing your content with images, internal & external links and graphics increases the visual appeal of the content, which in turn increases the number of social shares & links the content acquires. As well as social and link increase, content styling also increase time on site, reduces bounce rate and increases other positive user experience metrics. All of which add multiple benefits to your business’s bottom line over time.

Our Unique Stage 4 - Content Distribution & Link Building

Stage 4 in our content marketing process involves the distribution and marketing of this content to generate backlinks to your website (and hence rank the content in Google). This solution is extremely effective as a full solution for businesses without a content marketing team in-house.

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